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Workpiece carriers made from wire with expertise built in

METDRA workpiece carriers are highly sophisticated and customized. First-hand development, design and production of the innovative workpiece carriers and wire baskets. Designed to precisely match your framework data, each workpiece carrier is tailor-made to the production processes involved. Here is where you can access over 50 years of expertise at METDRA.

Workpiece carrier with benefits built in

Precise workpiece carriers and wire baskets are essential in automation. The secure protection of workpieces in wire baskets takes priority, whatever the parts that are being transported may be. Wire baskets from METDRA accelerate production through optimized handling, especially in automation. Simple filling and emptying of the workpiece carriers is ensured thanks to maximum functionality. METDRA wire baskets represent quality, long service and superb productivity. The aim is efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Werkstückträger für die Automation

The perfect workpiece carrier

METDRA produces customer-specific workpiece carriers and wire baskets at one location. We even take care of jig and prototype construction in-house. This means maximum production depth, maximum flexibility and direct implementation. The result is workpiece carriers for rapid cycle times in automation. During washing processes and drying, the smallest resting surfaces produce excellent results: METDRA wire baskets are suitable for sensitive parts and workpieces with a complex geometry.

Workpiece carriers with a future

Growing demands in automation call for workpiece carriers and wire baskets from METDRA. Over 50 years’ experience of workpiece carriers means more than just words. Virtually every industry relies on workpiece carriers from METDRA and is rewarded for it: Wire baskets, cleaning baskets, base baskets, wire insert baskets, stacking baskets, load carriers and pallet baskets, plus dollies. Workpiece carriers from METDRA - the perfect answer to the efficient automation of the future.


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