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The Venta standing ash tray – for an unobtrusive presence on the street.

Standing ash trays have a clear role to play in street furniture: Namely that smokers know where to put their cigarette butts. So it is with this purpose in mind that street furniture from METDRA, including its ash trays, is designed: Made from stainless steel or coated with structured antique silver, this street furniture uses high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection against corrosion. Venta ash trays have an internal bucket for convenient emptying and, if required, double-sided, waterproof aluminum-hinged frames for DIN A2 advertising posters.

Street furniture for smokers: The Venta standing ash tray

Street furniture should be unobtrusive – a characteristic embodied by the Venta standing ash tray since, as an object with a lightweight appearance, the Venta standing ash tray is simply suitable for use anywhere. The sturdy design typical of street furniture, including the material for securing it to the ground, is a hallmark of this highly durable ash tray. The arch of the Venta standing ash tray once again demonstrates the carefully thought-out design by preventing the ingress of rain and also the depositing of garbage.

Venta standing ash tray – street furniture for smokers.


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