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Into the Rhein trash can!

Rhein trash cans combine a functional design, pragmatism, and the universal option of post mounting. The Rhein trash can uses robust materials to create a functional design. This ensures that the Rhein trash can looks good in the street furniture for a long time. The Rhein trash can has a galvanized inner bucket which makes emptying via the lid extremely easy. The lid of the Rhein trash can makes it a durable part of the external furnishings for indoors and outdoors.

Rhein is disposal in its simplest form

And why? Because disposal has never been so easy as with the METDRA Rhein trash can. Open, close, done. And the versatile post mounting of the Rhein trash can is just as quick. Post mounting gives flexibility in terms of the choice of placement: The METDRA Rhein trash can is thus welcome wherever garbage is generated in public areas or in companies. The Rhein trash can is popular in front of city halls and everywhere where there is modern architecture.

Rhein trash can — keeping your property clean!


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