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Street furniture for smokers: Lana

Street furniture needs to provide ash trays so that cigarette butts find their rightful place after use: Namely in the ash tray and not on the floor. So METDRA has created street furniture for smokers to add to its portfolio. The stylish and versatile Lana ashtray solution with cover is galvanized and, if desired, can be powder-coated in color – creating street furniture with a successful design. The Lana ash tray can be set in concrete or mounted on stands, masts or walls. The Lana ash tray is supplied with a cigarette symbol, making it internationally recognizable as an ash tray.

Ash tray seeks connections with street furniture

Street furniture is really good when it embodies a systematic concept and is therefore easy to plan. Consequently the Lana ash tray can be attached to the side of existing trash cans and also to existing pipes and masts. If none of this is to hand, METDRA of course offers a stand pipe so that no street scene needs to be without the Lana ash tray. The easy handling when opening, emptying and locking the ash tray is also the product of sophisticated development.

Street furniture that follows a systematic concept down to the last detail.


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