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Keeping it clean

In many cases, street furniture requires trash cans and ash trays that can collect garbage and keep spaces clean and tidy. But trash cans and ash trays are not always what people want to see when looking at stylish street furniture. It's true – trash cans and ash trays are often found to be bothersome, even though they are essential parts of street furniture. METDRA has built a bridge between these two conflicting standpoints – with trash cans and ash trays that combine function with high-quality design.

Trash cans and ash trays with a designer look

Street furniture is increasingly being purchased based on design-related criteria, and METDRA has been observing this trend for years. Consequently, its range of street furniture includes benches, tables and chairs, but also most importantly stylish trash cans and ash trays. As a result, trash cans and ash trays have a legitimate opportunity to step out of the shadows: With this high-quality design, urban planners are able to position trash cans and ash trays wherever they want to in order to keep areas clean.

Street furniture brimming with functionality

Trash cans and ash trays from METDRA blend in perfectly with the overall street scene and perform a wealth of practical functions: The trash cans and ash trays are available in various designs with virtually every installation option in the METDRA street furniture range. Some models can also be equipped with advertising spaces, while all trash cans and ash trays are designed for use as street furniture: Superbly stable, perfectly protected against corrosion and solidly built, ensuring it looks good for the whole of its long service life.

Trash cans and ash trays from METDRA are the masters of form and function.

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