Street furniture: Trash cans and ash trays

Street furniture from METDRA is clearly designed to address the needs of real estate, cities and communities and for this reason features a range of different trash cans and ash trays. Wherever there are lots of people, garbage is produced – METDRA street furniture, specifically the trash cans and ash trays, help to keep areas clean and represent street furniture with long-lasting quality. METDRA trash cans and ash trays are always designed with practicality and ease of use in mind.

Trash cans and ash trays for indoor and outdoor use

Street furniture is increasingly obeying greater demands for design, and this fact is consistently reflected in METDRA products. The trash cans and ash trays are therefore built in various shapes, versions and materials so that they can fit in with the design of the street furniture and their surroundings both indoors and out. Impressive design meets expertise derived from decades of experience, providing trash cans and ash trays for virtually any aspect of street furniture.

Trash cans and ash trays for tough demands

Trash cans and ash trays are needed in all kinds of places, for buildings, bus stops, rail platforms, parks, and all other public locations in a city, as well as in underpasses and pedestrian areas. They are also needed in other areas such as foyers, entrance areas, traffic areas, hospitals, supermarkets, and shopping malls, for example by escalators. Each of these examples has its own requirements in terms of trash cans and ash trays – requirements that the METDRA range effortlessly fulfills.

Street furniture from the specialists – including for trash cans and ash trays.


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