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Herkules XXL bench & table combination

How do decision-makers choose street furniture, and what are the options available with the Herkules XXL bench & table combination? Since the planning process is very different depending on the street furniture’s location, the Herkules XXL bench & table combination from METDRA is easy to describe: In short, whatever needs the street furniture has, METDRA can meet them — be it benches with or without back rests, or the effortless connection of individual benches to form longer and yet exceptionally stable bench configurations. Ensuring that the street furniture fits and people like using it.

The XXL bench & table combination for long-term use

Street furniture needs to be resilient and be installed for a long time. So the METDRA street furniture range includes the Herkules XXL bench & table combination that can be mobile, mobile with the option of ground fastening, fixed with a flange for dowel attachment or fixed for setting in concrete. The seat surface and back rest made from wire mesh has also proven its ability, just like the high-quality surfaces. Long-lasting paintwork gloss and lightfastness mean that the Herkules XXL bench & table combination remains fresh and good-looking for years and decades so that visitors will want to sit on it.

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