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Ergolax street furniture in a set

Street furniture in the Ergolax range is popular, and with good reason, since Ergolax has been used as street furniture in many places for many years. As a result, METDRA has developed matching tables and bench & table combinations to reflect this successful concept: In a set, to match the street furniture, benches optionally with or without back rest, matching the carefully thought-out ergonomics and matching the street scene when modern street furniture design matters. The robust and stable properties are identical in the bench & table combination and bring continuity to urban furniture.

Bench & table combinations – tried and tested and good

Bench & table combinations are often ordered since the Ergolax series from METDRA offers a range of benefits: The strong knee roll makes standing up easier and the surfaces dry quickly, helping to prevent soiling of the street furniture. All steel parts are galvanized, and then powder-coated with superb quality to ensure excellent protection from corrosion. This helps the bench & table combinations stay looking good and performing well. Alongside the standard colors, special colors are also available on request for matching street furniture.

Ergolax bench & table combination – street furniture born of conviction.


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