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Street furniture is often dependent on the dimensions of its surroundings, i.e. urban furnishings have to be fitted into existing cityscapes. This demands particular flexibility from street furniture, especially when it involves seats, since occasionally the space available for urban furniture is not exactly generous in some places in practice. However seats still need to be used that are ergonomic and universal. The solution is stools and stool benches from METDRA, the specialists in outdoor furniture.

Seats for urban furniture – even in small spaces

Stools and stool benches, comfortable seats for even small spaces, are a common task when it comes to equipping waiting rooms or transport stops with urban furniture. With these seats, combinations of different numbers of seats are needed, along with various means of anchoring them for the various locations in which the urban furniture is used: Various solutions for ground anchoring, such as bolting or setting in concrete, as well as a wide range of wall-mounting options.

Tailor-made stools and stool benches

Seats need to be able to withstand heavy loads, so METDRA’s experience of street furniture is factored into their design, production and finish. There are therefore various stools and stool benches available for urban furnishing: The highly stable Ergolax series, the Volto® seats, hugely popular and often used, and for street furniture in more generously dimensioned spaces, the relaxed yet robust Milu stool bench. Street furniture with METDRA stools and stool benches is street furniture exactly according to plan.

Seats for specific spatial conditions are stools and stool benches from METDRA.

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