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Seating groups – the communication-encouraging islands in urban furniture

Street furniture is planned and often adapts to local conditions. In this situation there is a tremendous degree of design freedom, allowing seating groups to be placed in pleasant spots, such as around trees and along borders. Street furniture therefore becomes part of a place – and the urban furniture is a pleasant sight to behold. For this to happen, a system of street furniture is needed that METDRA offers with its various urban furnishing systems: Seats in seating groups, e.g. combined with various tables, providing planning freedom!

Coordinated street furniture

Seating groups are arranged in these systems according to the most popular configurations, following METDRA’s experience in street furniture: Practical expertise in urban furniture – ergonomically sophisticated, high-quality seating groups with designs that can be adapted to all manner of geometries. This brings with it a versatility that allows ideas to be translated easily into street furniture with seating groups, and allows the arrangement in a space or landscape to be adapted unobtrusively.

Street furniture for a variety of combinations

Street furniture and seating groups from METDRA reflect the diversity of combinations that a wide range of places demands. Synonyms for good urban furniture include Design 5000, Ergolax, Eleganto and Prio, with each name offering its own design and its own specific possibilities. All product series share a carefully thought-out design, superb manufacturing quality, stability and legendary longevity of service. The summation of the experience that goes into a high-quality seating group, and the knowledge of what street furniture customers want.

Seating groups from the urban furniture specialists – street furniture from METDRA.

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