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Platform furniture for Deutsche Bahn

Platform furniture can be found on every platform, which is a bonus for everyone since anyone waiting for their train wants to sit comfortably. This is also the view of Deutsche Bahn, which relies on Remissio Ergolax from METDRA for its choice of platform furniture: The expert in platform and street furniture in precise arrangements and in outstanding quality. Remissio Ergolax is already installed with all of the options that platform areas need for long-term platform furniture.

Experience in platform furniture

Street furniture for platforms is special since the way the people waiting on the platform use it and their habits are sometimes different. METDRA puts this experience directly into practice with its platform furniture: The back rests are narrow at their upper edges, making them uncomfortable to sit on. In qualitative terms, Remissio Ergolax platform furniture is built with various modular dimensions and is manufactured in the highest METDRA quality.

METDRA platform furniture – for high resilience and low maintenance.


In RAL 9006 and 9007, the colors of course reflect Deutsche Bahn’s look. An anti-graffiti surface is also available.


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