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Street furniture that the bike securely leans against

Bicycle support stands are popular items of street furniture and look stylish when they are positioned at special locations. If the bicycle support stands are designed to be more functional, however, then they are even more robust and sturdy pieces of street furniture and are protected against mechanical strains. METDRA bicycle support stands are the product of choice when it comes to theft protection and upright stability. All bicycle support stands come with optimum corrosion protection so that they will continue to complement the street scene for many years to come.

Ensuring that bikes are parked well: Bicycle support stands

Street furniture is always characterized by particular characteristics. All kinds of properties are needed, and this is also true for bicycle support stands. With this in mind, METDRA produces bicycle support stands for virtually any application, every type of bicycle and all types of attachment: Bicycle supports stands with a bolt-on flange and for setting in concrete. Fixed street furniture requiring no maintenance for years, wherever bikes have a role to play in the future!

Bicycle support stands from METDRA – with a lightweight and space-saving design.

Fahrrad Anlehnbügel für öffentliche Zonen und Plätze zum sicheren Parken von Fahrrädern


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