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Street furniture for lots of bikes

Street furniture for the practical and convenient parking of a large number of bikes is enjoying growing popularity: Bicycle parking systems from METDRA are being installed more and more! Their ergonomic shape, with options such as ring eyelets for reliable protection from theft, are clear vote-winners for this robust street furniture. Street furniture supporting a variety of uses of bike racks for cities, communities, building cooperatives and property developers – resilient street furniture also for retail and the design of inner cities: As bikes become more and more popular, bicycle parking systems are needed everywhere.

The right bike rack for everyone

Bicycle parking systems from METDRA are available in various lengths for different numbers of parking spaces. This carefully designed street furniture is generally modular and can easily be added to, or extended, as required. Various designs, each offering advantages for customized street furniture, are included in METDRA’s bicycle parking system portfolio, and can be adapted to whatever space is available for street furniture. Tubular steel with a diameter of 48mm provides stability for the bike racks as well as protection against injury.

Street furniture for bicycles, bicycle parking systems from METDRA

Street furniture for long-term use: The highly practical bicycle parking systems provide street furniture for everyone. With excellent protection from corrosion thanks to galvanization, and if required also available with color powder coating, METDRA bike racks are also easy to install. Bike racks for encasement or bolting down are quick to install, and bikes are secure. Street furniture from METDRA is sturdy and remarkably straightforward, and thinks of everything.

Bicycle parking systems for every purpose: Bringing structure to parking.

Fahrradparksysteme für das Parken von Fahrrädern an öffentlichen Plätzen und in Innenstädten


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