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Street furniture with warmth

Benches in the Molla series, in this case the wooden version of the bench, epitomize the lightness of seating since the curved laser side parts create a lightweight appearance. Street furniture for locations where this property combined with wood is important, such as leafy corners in a city park, where this wooden bench creates a particularly beautiful interaction with the surrounding plants! Molla wooden benches are also a popular choice wherever the character of this natural material contributes towards the place’s overall appearance.

Comfortable street furniture made from wood

Street furniture needs to be ergonomic enough for people to want to take a seat on the wooden bench. The design of the benches in the Molla series reflects this, offering an invitation to take a seat on the 30 mm-thick hardwood slats. Hardwood has the ideal properties for street furniture that needs to withstand the weathering and rigors of use by the public long-term. Street furniture made from solid hardwood has a smooth surface, allowing rainwater to run off and ensuring that the wooden bench remains virtually dry.

Street furniture made from wood, built for up to 25 years of service.


Product sheets

Product characteristics such as the versions, materials, dimensions, setup options and weights are described here.


Optimized protection against the weather is an essential requirement for the lifespan of seating furniture.


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