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Street furniture — minimalist and yet organic

Street furniture in a minimalist design does not need to be without the warmth of the organic material wood. With the Kantu bench, the use of hardwood enhances the concept of the clear and straight design, building a bridge: The use of wood means extra comfort, while the bench itself remains a loyal partner to modern design since the original concept of reducing everything to its essentials is still clearly visible. Many planners and architects have recognized these attractive properties and integrated the Kantu bench into their street furniture.

The bench that does both

When combined, wood and metal in street furniture is dynamic, because on Kantu benches, the contradictions complement each other. The best properties of both worlds are combined in the Kantu bench to create long-lasting, resilient street furniture: Hardwood which has a long life without needing much additional treatment anyway, combined with the best possible corrosion-protected steel that METDRA is famous for! Especially stylish and with a superb longevity is the Kantu bench featuring hardwood and stainless steel — a shining light in visual and quality terms in the world of street furniture.

Street furniture from METDRA with first-class materials.


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