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Wooden street furniture with perfect ergonomics: Ergolax Remisso

Wooden benches with perfect ergonomics are the benches in the Ergolax Remisso line from METDRA. Stylish benches for street furniture with curved side parts for robustness and stability, plus a seat surface and back rest made from hardwood or PAGHOLZ® wood. This is the perfect contrast, associated with the pleasant properties of the natural material wood. Consequently, the Ergolax Remisso wooden bench from METDRA enjoys tremendous popularity and is used frequently in street furnishing.

Wood also provides longevity for street furniture

Wooden benches, or more precisely the tried-and-tested benches from METDRA, are made for tough conditions. After all, they feature street furniture expertise that makes Ergolax Remisso a mature product of the highest quality. The timber is highly resistant to common influencing factors, and even vandalism. The minimal cleaning and care required is also a hallmark of Ergolax Remisso street furniture, ensuring follow-on costs are kept within budget and the wooden benches remain beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Ergolax Remisso, the street furniture that lasts decades.


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