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Wooden benches: The beautiful option for street furniture

METDRA street furniture can be seen wherever the rigors of public use are found. Benches made from wood play an important role in this, and represent a real alternative to metal. A wooden bench is built in the street furniture if the space wants to communicate the warmer character of wood and also its greater seating comfort in the sense of “feeling warmer”. The wooden bench brings a wealth of excellent properties to street furniture.

Street furniture with character

High-quality wooden benches from METDRA are benches with an inviting appeal. In street furniture, the profile of wood has been raised in recent years, being manufactured by specialists and representing stability in every respect. Consequently only materials that are guaranteed sustainable are used for street furniture exposed to the harsh rigors of public life. These materials include PAGHOLZ® wood, resin-soaked laminate from the native copper beech tree. It is impact and wear-resistant and impervious to weather and sunlight. The smooth surfaces are water-repellent, dry again quickly and the PAGHOLZ® wood is resistant to mold and bacteria even without being painted. The excellent resistance to acids and alkalis is also a property worth mentioning.

Wood, the serious alternative in street furniture

Benches from METDRA are also made from solid hardwood, which also offers favorable long-term properties. Hardwood is highly resilient in mechanical terms, weather-resistant and can be compared in terms of these properties with tropical wood. Its crowning asset is its resistance class 1, i.e. a durability of up to 25 years. It does not become brittle, while mildew, fungus and bacteria are unable to cause any damage thanks to the wood's natural resistance to them. Hardwood has negligible water uptake, avoiding rings and mold stains.

Street furniture made from wood in the form of long-lasting wooden benches from METDRA.

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