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Senior citizens’ benches in street furniture

Older people particularly like using street furniture to take a rest and to relax, with benches being very popular among the elderly. By 2030, the proportion of people over the age of 60 will rise from 21% to 30%. In 2035, 12% of Germans will be over the age of 80. The trend towards changes in our living situation is already becoming apparent in many successful multi-generational residential projects. This is where street furniture with benches for senior citizens is needed — and so METDRA has been setting itself this task for many years, developing detailed knowledge and evolving into the specialist.

Age-friendly seating with benches for senior citizens

For many older people, their goals will not just be to live together, but also to spend their leisure time together, which is where street furniture is needed. For planners, this is an important fact and an opportunity to create public spaces with street furniture that quickly become popular meeting places for generations, with benches for the elderly. Particular requirements are associated with these benches, and METDRA is a first-class supplier with its customized senior citizens’ benches. After all, the sophisticated development of the senior citizens’ benches makes the choice of METDRA street furniture an easy one!

Senior citizens’ benches in detail

Senior citizens’ benches from METDRA represent the ideal elderly-friendly street furniture for waiting areas, stations, and public spaces such as parks in forward-looking cities and communities. They are also ideal for elderly residential homes, recreational parks and cemeteries wherever street furniture is needed. The sophisticated development of the senior citizens’ benches makes these METDRA benches unique in terms of longevity and comfort thought through down to the tiniest detail, ensuring that METDRA fulfills the needs of our older population.

Senior citizens’ benches: street furniture for forward-looking planning.

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