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Park benches in metal and wood: Street furniture from METDRA

Street furniture needs to be able to fit in easily in parks, unobtrusively transforming the most idyllic spots and leafiest corners into inviting places. Park benches are therefore something very special, since everyone likes to linger for a few minutes to admire the beautifully cultivated flora. Hence the park bench has many meanings in street furniture: While the bench in the park almost goes without saying for visitors, the park bench in the street furniture sense needs to withstand a lot, remain attractive, be stable and most importantly stay the distance.

Street furniture for use in parks

Park benches are positioned in attractive areas, for example along a pathway, by a lake or at a viewpoint, and are therefore a key part of the esthetic scenery. Planners are therefore faced with the challenge of remembering that, alongside the outstanding quality of the park bench, its appearance is also important. They also need to ensure that street furniture and park benches can be integrated into the park's design. METDRA overcomes these challenges with panache with its range of benches and park benches.

Street furniture for today and tomorrow

Street furniture, and in particular a bench from METDRA, is designed for the future: Perfectly protected from corrosion if made from metal, or optionally made from PAGHOLZ® wood or hardwood, it is permanently extremely solid and stable. This is the only way that street furniture can survive in parks, where not all areas have many visitors and often are exposed to many “forces”. The response to this superb durability challenge is simple: Street furniture and park benches from METDRA.

Street furniture for parks: park benches from METDRA.

Parkbank aus Stahl und Drahtgitter für Parks
Parkbank aus Metall, Metall-Parkbank aus Stahl und Drahtgitter für Parks und ergonomisches Sitzen
Ergonomische Parkbänke aus Metall, Stahl, Edelstahl oder Holz für Parks und Parkanlagen

Parkbank aus Metall ELEGANTO
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KANTU Sitzbank für den Park aus Hartholz | METDRA
Robuste Parkbank aus Metall STRATO
STRATO | schlichte Sitzbänke für den Park und die Stadt


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