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Minimalist street furniture?

Benches can also be very straight, linear and minimalist in order to create a particular look in the street furniture, even if they need to have arm rests! In recent times, the trend has increasingly been towards street furniture having this characteristic, which gave the Strato bench from METDRA its popularity. When a location needs to be kept minimalist, straight-lined and entirely free of embellishments, then the Strato metal bench strikes exactly the right note. Strato is recognizable straight away among the street furniture because of its minimalist style.

Straight thinking = straight benches

Street furniture with a straight shape needs strong materials as its base and an exceptionally solid design, just like the Strato bench from METDRA. It is only with the right expertise that initially simple-looking benches can be created for the long term. METDRA knows what matters to ensure that street furniture can withstand any challenge and continue to look good. This begins with the design of the bench and includes details such as particularly effective corrosion protection. The Strato bench is also available in METDRA’s portfolio in stainless steel.

Street furniture for a modern urban image: That’s Strato.


Optimized protection against the weather is an essential requirement for the lifespan of seating furniture.


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