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Street furniture that satisfies stringent standards

METDRA street furniture is ideal for outdoor use. We are your innovative partner when it comes to furnishing squares, open areas and other facilities. We deliver the perfect product to suit every requirement. Form meets functionality meets ergonomics. We are also no stranger to mixing things up: METDRA street furniture is made from wire or wood, can be mobile or stationary, and blends in perfectly with any environment. The great variety of METDRA street furniture opens up new possibilities for parks and greens. Every product is tailored to your individual requirements.

Street furniture to suit your individual requirements

METDRA is your professional supplier for street furniture. We make it our priority to fulfill your individual needs. Our experts handle everything from concept and design up to selecting the perfect surface to ensure a long service life. Our aim is to find the best solution for your application. We develop street furniture concepts that fulfill economic as well as ergonomic standards in the most efficient way.

Your specialist for street furniture

Since METDRA's inception in 1963, the street furniture segment has experienced steady growth. METDRA scores top marks with appealing design, straightforward consulting and a wide variety of surfaces and colors that meet all demands. Also, we don't shy away from special requests for street furniture. We can produce different versions that are custom-made to fulfill our customers' wishes. What's more, our street furniture stands out with high precision, which ensures easy installation.

Stadtmobiliar Bänke, Parkbänke und Sitzbänke
Möbel fürs Stadtmobiliar, Bänke für Städte und Parks
Möbel für Städte und Parks im breiten Sortiment an Stadtmobiliar der METDRA GmbH

Street furniture that sets standards

Street furniture must withstand high stress when used in public places. Our products brave extreme weather conditions and rough handling by passers-by and users. The ingenious design, robustness and high production quality ensure a long service life and durability. After all, robustness is key if street furniture is to be used for years or even decades to come. Each component used in our wide range of products is extremely durable. When it comes to furnishing public places with high-quality pieces that will last for ages, METDRA street furniture is the go-to partner for renowned customers.


High-quality street furniture that lasts eons.


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