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Product presentation with customized displays is a separate business unit at METDRA. When it comes to product presentation, there are many buying habits to take into account. METDRA is your all-in-one supplier for successful product presentations with sales stands, product carriers, displays, and brochure stands for your product presentation when it’s needed at the POS.

Product presentation with sales stands and product carriers

This universal, highly practical product presentation is in demand. Sales stands for every sector, premium product carriers or stands for consumer items, i.e. product presentation that put the brand on show firmly in focus.

Sales stands are the route to the customer

The decision over whether a sales stand, a counter stand or a counter display, a floor stand or a floor display is most appropriate depends on many aspects. The most important, however, is the presentation of the product, which starts with the concept. Customer experiences meet market knowledge - and METDRA’s expertise is highly sought after. With 50 years' experience of building counter stands, counter displays, floor stands, floor displays and sales displays, this expertise is matchless. METDRA is the display specialist.

Effective product presentation

Just how the product presentation looks in detail is initially a planning task. What are the product presentation's surroundings like? How can a sales stand contribute towards differentiation? How does this sales stand position the products most effectively? How does the product presentation attract the buyer's attention? As well as the manufacture of the sales stand, perception in product presentation is also particularly important. As a full-service supplier, METDRA is happy to do all the work with sales stands of every kind.

First-hand design and production of sales stands for product presentation.


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