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Excellence in powder coating

Powder coating is a proven, durable finishing treatment for metal.

Our finishes are designed to do two things: have a visual impact and properly protect the metal. Our electrostatic powder coating plant is always the right choice. Expert racking and professional pretreatment are the best guarantee for strong, attractive finishes.

Powder coats provide excellent protection against UV radiation, chalking, corrosion and virtually all weather conditions in outdoor use scenarios (e.g. roofs and façades).

Do you prefer to have your steel surfaces Rilsan coated, galvanized or nickel or chrome plated? Or do you want your stainless steel products to be blasted and/or electropolished? If so, we will bring in partners who specialize in these processes.

We will share our extensive expertise with you as an experienced powder coater of small, medium and large production runs. We are a fast, reliable, affordable partner with the flexibility needed for good supply chain management. We will coat our outdoor furniture in 12 standard RAL colors as requested. If you have a specific color in mind, we also offer 180 more RAL colors as special color options.

Powder coating just the way you want it – with METDRA.


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