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It has been official since July 1, 2022: with METDRA KLOZ GmbH, the former METDRA GmbH in Leonberg has been integrated into the Kloz Group and taken over with all employees. In this way, the proper continuation of the company is safe and operations are continued.

Cengiz Öztok was appointed as Managing Director.

The Kloz Group based in Fellbach, to which our company, DKF KLOZ GmbH, also belongs, operates dealerships for cars and commercial vehicles. Locations in Fellbach, Stuttgart and Korntal-Münchingen as well as body shops and salvage and towing services. KLOZ also offers trading and services with forklifts.

In addition to the well-known services of DKF KLOZ GmbH, which include wire processing, plastic vacuum deep-drawing, CNC processing, whirl sintering and electrostatic powder coating, all customers now also receive the products and services of METDRA KLOZ GmbH directly.

This contains an excellent complement. Hand in hand with the new sister company, we can offer an even wider range of solutions for your tasks relating to metal, wire and plastics processing.


The two managing directors Marga Hörning and Peter Hörning resign.
Christina Göring and Carolin Hörning become the new managing directors.


METDRA updates its quality management system to conform to 9001:2015.


Carolin Hörning receives signing authority.

METDRA remains ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Carolin Hörning joins the company.


Following audits in 2004 and 2005, METDRA passes another audit in January and is certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008.


METDRA wins yet another master contract to supply train platform furniture for Deutsche Bahn AG in a pan-European tender.


Addition of another 1,400 m² of production space.


METDRA begins direct distribution of its outdoor furniture.

Mr. Praefcke takes a well-deserved retirement.


Refrigerator and freezer manufacturers phase out wire shelves and baskets in favor of glass or plastic components. As a result, METDRA stops producing wire elements for white goods after more than 35 years in the business.


Herman Hörning, our founder and “senior director”, dies on December 25, 1995 after a brief, serious illness.

Mrs. M. Hörning becomes the company’s 2nd managing director.


Expansion and upgrade of METDRA production space.


Addition of transportation and storage totes to the product line: the start of today’s workpiece carriers. Another factory expansion and upgrade.

METDRA begins making outdoor furniture – wire mesh seating – for public spaces and starts a close, successful 20-year relationship with H. Praefcke GmbH in Weissach.


Installation and commissioning of in-house powder coating plant.


Administration and production wing added to the headquarters. Longstanding managing director Erich Riekert resigns for health reasons.

Management passes to the 2nd generation. Mr. Peter Hörning becomes the new managing director.


Wire dump bins for display racks added to product range.


Start of production of sales racks and displays out of pipe and wire.


Headquarters is relocated from Ditzingen to Leonberg, near Bothner GmbH & Co. KG, the parent company.


The foundations are laid for the company’s current building and headquarters in Leonberg.


Company is established on February 28, 1963 with Hermann Hörning and Erich Riekert as its managing directors. METDRA starts out making refrigerator shelves, freezer baskets and other products out of metal, wire and tubing in an old brickworks in Ditzingen, near Stuttgart, on May 2, 1963.


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Bent wire parts
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