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Looks that last

Solid protection for attractive products.

Finishes prevent corrosion and add durability to your METDRA product. Our surface finishes hold up well under long-term weathering and mechanical damage and lend themselves to industrial use.

Surface finishes also have a huge impact on the styling and appearance of product displays. They open up many different ways to customize products and integrate them with your corporate design.

With workpiece carriers, finishes are selected primarily for their high quality and long-term ability to withstand the industrial conditions in which they will be used.

Color comes into play whenever products are powder-coated. With our in-house powder-coating plant, we can make almost any request come true. Products are pretreated – i.e. cleaned, iron-phosphated, rinsed and dried – in a continuous process to provide the best possible surface for powder coating. We offer a standard palette as well as virtually all RAL colors.

METDRA offers other surface finishing processes, too: Rilsan coating, galvanization and nickel and chrome plating for steel surfaces; blasting and electropolishing for stainless steel surfaces. Your products will then be ready to tackle any challenge: whether street furniture, product displays or workpiece carriers. 

Give your design a finishing touch.


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