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Single-source quality

Satisfied customers are a reflection of our quality.

METDRA products are at the forefront: over 50 years of experience delivering exactly what you and your customers want. This knowledge is irreplaceable and goes into every product we make. Trust is the best measure of satisfaction. Trust has to be constantly earned in order to keep this status.

At METDRA, listening to our customers is job one. Then, we leverage our own experience and set high quality standards. That’s how we’ve managed to develop longstanding customer relationships. Quality is the touchstone of trust and customer relationships. It goes without saying that METDRA is certified. That way, we can keep every satisfied customer as a good reference.

Our employees have a strong team spirit, advanced skills, high motivation and the drive to learn more every day. All these factors explain our consistently high quality standards, including compliance with the strict criteria of EN ISO 9001:2015. This standard includes regular recertifications and improvements. METDRA treats the environment responsibly, following all applicable rules. Resources are conserved.

Quality: the bedrock of all processes.


Street furniture
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Product presentation
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Workpiece carriers 
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Powder coating
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Bent wire parts
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