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Metall- und Drahtwarenfabrik GmbH was founded in 1963. The company's first products included wire shelves for fridges and freezer baskets. In 1968, the company started to produce product displays and stands for the retail trade. Since METDRA recognized the benefits of wire early on, the company grew steadily. Expertise and state-of-the-art production processes were key to manufacturing high-quality metal products. In 1982, the company added workpiece carriers to its portfolio to take part in the upcoming industrial automation process. Around the same time, METDRA began to manufacture street furniture for outdoor use when new prospects opened up in this area. To this day, product displays, workpiece carriers and street furniture are METDRA GmbH’s most successful business segments.

The company has been family-owned for three generations, which clearly has its perks. Company values are proactively implemented and processes are most efficient. This is underlined by the high level of vertical integration and direct implementation and management. To achieve true flexibility, we keep in touch with market requirements and focus on customer proximity: this insight is reflected by our long-term customer relationships and extensive know-how.

Innovation starts with an idea that is then developed and comes to life in products and their characteristics. Each product is made in line with high work and quality standards, thus ensuring durability, robustness and a high level of practical value. Our award-winning products are well-engineered and elegant, as well as cost-effective throughout their service life.

Our service concept is based on partnership and proactively supports the customers in their decision-making process. If we know your exact requirements, we can recommend suitable products. METDRA is your full-service supplier of choice.

Not only do we value the intricate design and robustness of the materials used, but we also place development at the heart of everything we do. We deliver perfect products tailored to individual requirements. You can count on that. Our products are subject to public perception and have their roots in-house: our employees are key to our success because they attach a great deal of importance to fair play, clarity and acting independently.

Our large photovoltaic system generates eco-friendly power. which covers 40–50% of our total energy consumption. This is our contribution to protecting the environment.


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